Participating Latvian Companies about Skilled – Up Training Program

Gain more competent managers!

Gatis Eglītis, Executive Director of SIA IKTK

"Thanks to the Skilled-up program we will have more competent managers who will have a much better understanding of the processes in the company and will be able to manage production. During this program, we trained two first level managers who both have a great deal of practical work experience but no background in wood processing. The Skilled-up program is not a classical education, but it is aimed at acquiring practical skills and sharing experiences, which is also a great advantage of the program. Training the employees in Skilled-up is also an investment in the future and competitiveness of the company. Although there is always a risk that a well-trained employee will leave the company, I believe that the risk is even greater if you do not train the employees and they stay in the company. I can only say that both managers who participate in the Skilled-up training program have already proposed several novelties which they have seen in an exchange of experiences in other companies. This is also proof of what this training and education program brings."

Andrejs Domkins, Production Manager of SIA IKTK

"In almost in every part of the program, we have worked practically and have been able to prove ourselves. In this way, we have experienced and learned new things. I found the visits to other companies particularly useful because they gave me new ideas. The communication with the other first level managers gave me the opportunity to look at the same problem from several angles and to find different solutions."

Divisional manager expands his knowledge

Andris Koris, Member of the Board of SIA Konto

Andris Koris, Member of the Board of SIA Konto

“We have trained one of our employees Gatis Kļaviņš with the Skilled-up program. He has been working in our company for 18 years and was promoted to the position of production manager two years ago. He had gained prior knowledge in wood processing in the technical school of Cesis.

The main benefit of participating in this program is that, after the training, Gatis always talks with interest about what he has heard, seen, and learned. This already proves that the training is interesting and useful. I do not think you can measure everything in numbers only. I very much hope that after this training the new managers will have fewer unfamiliar terms, more contacts, more insight into the processes and more courage to face all production challenges. I also very much hope that the theoretical knowledge gained will give them more conviction and strengthen them as leaders in their teams.

Training Updates from Estonia


The second Skilled- Up project training group started on 10.09.20 in Võru, Estonia. 14 participants from 11 different companies began their training course “The first level manager in wood processing sector".


Meanwhile, the first group finished their training on 2.10.2020. As a final project the participants prepared doll houses which were presented as gifts to local kindergartens. We are happy about positive feedback from participants and wish them good luck!

Copyright: Tsenter

Copyright: Tsenter

Skilled-Up in the “Baltic Business Quarterly”


In the new issue of the business magazine “Baltic Business Quarterly” you can read more about the project in an interview with Artūrs Bukonts, Managing Director at LKUEA, Astrid Org, Manager at “Tsenter” and Dr. Giedrius Gesevičius, Dean of the Faculty of Technology  at Kauno Kolegija.


The interview is available here:


Online version if the whole magazine is available here:


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“Skilled-Up” Project Presented at Online Discussion “Work-based Learning in Higher Education”

On 2.07.2020 representatives of employers and educational institutions discussed implementation possibilities of work-based learning in higher education in an online discussion organised by Employers’ Confederation of Latvia.


Dr. silv. Sigita Liše from our project partner organisation Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technology presented “Skilled-Up” project developments und further planned activities. The recording of the discussion is available here:

Erasmus + Project Partner Online Meeting

Project partner meeting on 23.03.2020 had to take place online due to the “Covid-19” pandemic. However, the meeting went well, and partners were able to discuss the planned agenda – progress of training in all three Baltic countries and future plans. 

In all three countries the piloting of the training program has started in autumn 2019. Each country has managed to pilot one module and start the second. Feedback from training program participants and their employers has been very positive. Participants are satisfied with training program contents and work-based learning.

Currently, the training in all three countries is paused due to the pandemic. However, project partners are working on possible solutions in the time of crisis and planning activities for the next project period including continuation of the training program and start of student mobilities.

The Training has started

Training starts at Kauno Kolegija, Lithuania. Copyright: Ugne Capa

In October 2019, the training program “Production Management in Woodworking” was launched in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Two thirds of the training will take place in companies in each country, as well as during mobility visits to companies in other Baltic states. Participants of the first trainings are 50 representatives of different manufacturing companies. They will be piloting the program for the next two years so that it can meet the educational needs of the industry and become available to a wider audience.

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Erasmus + Project Partner Meeting in Vaimela, Estonia

From 6 to 7 June 2019, the Skilled-UP project partners met in TSENTER, the competence center for woodworking and furniture manufacturing, in Vaimela, Estonia. Purpose of the meeting was the further development of the modular curriculum for the advanced training program for technical employees of the woodworking industry. Preliminary results were discussed, content adjusted, and next steps decided.

The training will consist of the following 10 modules: Industrial Design; Industrial Technology; Communication Methods; Operational Cost; Business management; Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection; Planning, Control and Communication Systems; Leadership and Personnel Development; People Management and the Qualification Project. From September 2019, the first modules will be launched in the partner countries. We are happy to receive inquiries from companies interested in this further education.

Please contact us at for more information!

Project Kick-Off Meeting in Rosenheim & Follow-Up Meeting in Riga

There have already been two meetings of the project partners of the project "Skilled-Up": from 15 to 16 January 2019 to the kick-off meeting in the German city of Rosenheim, as well as to the follow-up meeting on 22 February in Riga, Latvia. During the meetings, the partners discussed the first steps and concrete content and structural topics for the development of the work-based learning program (WBL) at level EQF 5 in the woodworking industry. Over the next few months, local expert groups from the respective project partner countries will meet to develop the module descriptions and content for the curriculum.

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